Hangover in Portland

Hangover in Portland


Turns out it is a pain in the butt to find good coffee around the ghostly streets of Portland after New Years Eve. The city is dead with the exception of the big fast food chains and a few places scattered here and there that, unsurprisingly, seem to be quite busy.

Caffeine came from a grocery store – one of the wonderful conveniences of the US: cafes within the food stores.

To answer the call of our bodies, we tucked in a dark red booth and settled for burgers and a big plate of fries. Yum. Like it or not, salad is a crappy hangover cure.

Sidebar knowledge: In Bulgaria the cure for drunk brains is “shkembe chorba” aka tripe soup, best served with a generous dose of crushed garlic with vinegar. I have had a few of those as well ;)
Any interesting tricks from where you are?