I am still not peopled-out, people!

I am still not peopled-out, people!

My Christmas luck for the new year

I have always loved being surrounded by people. God knows I love to blab with good folks almost tirelessly. Throw in some good coffee and a challenging mind and I am in social heaven. I am almost never the first one out of a party and just smile at me and show me you are interested in knowing me, I am there. A bit of a social slut, now that I think of it.

I have not always been indulging in this specific source of pleasure for various reasons. Being immigrant means you are always trying to measure the level of acceptable closeness to those around you. It takes time to learn the social ropes. And I was busy with “life”, the one we are escaping at the moment ;)

Then came the last 3 years and this trip of ours. We have jumped feet first into the ocean of humanity that spread in front of us. This is not just figuratively, but literally. We have relied on the goodness of folks from just about every country we have visited. We have asked and been welcomed in strangers’ homes. I have sneaked about in so many kitchens, that I lost count. No, that’s a lie, I remember every each one and most of the smells that floated about. I have talked with many people deep into the night, my soul is kept warm with the memories… And then we left. As friends.

I look at the map of the World and I see homes and people.
People that left a mark on me and who I will never forget…ok, now I am tearing up in the coffee shop…yes, I am an emotional social slut.

New friendships for the new year?

Bring it ON!