13 year old tries to place countries on a map

13 year old tries to place countries on a map

Not long ago an ‘experiment’ of asking Americans to fill in a blank map of Europe and then showing the results was buzzing around social media everywhere. I don’t have any idea how representative that was or even how real it was, but I laughed along with everyone. After all, it is common knowledge that most of Americans have trouble naming their own president, right?!

The other day I wondered, after all of that travel we have done, how much has my 13 year old actually been helped in this essential skill for life, namely: filling up blank maps to uphold the good name of Australians in the eyes of bored folks around the World. Or now even: filling up blank maps to shut the mouths of folks that think her parents are irresponsible for taking her out of school to show her the World.

Now, having in mind the second one, if I was smart, I would have coached her a bit before handing her the maps, but I am obviously not only an irresponsible parent, but a glutton for punishment, because I just surprised her with them, as she was sitting on the kitchen table reading a book.


You tell me.