Late night update

Hello there, people of the world, if you are still checking on my cobwebbed blog, or at least dusty one. It has been a week or so.

Lost inspiration for writing and trying to put a few loose ends together, as there are a few flying around, trying to bang me on the head when I am not looking.

Little Bla started kindy a few days ago, I have gotten a few jobs falling out of nowhere and needing attention and the homeschooling papers are sent. We will be official before we know it. Oh, and lets not forget the cleaning spree we went through as I hosted a mother’s group in our house – I am no Martha and the den is definitely not up to guests standard at all times. I blame the kids and Mr.Blab.

Today I called the vice principal at my daugher’s school to let them know that she wont be going and I admit, it wasnt a conversation I was particularly looking forward to. And boy, was I surprised when she said things like:

…oh, thats wonderful…why dont the naughty kids go to homeschool?! We will miss her…. you will do so good…you and Mr.Blab are so in tune with your kids and they are so caring and sensible that I have no doubt this will be perfect for you…I am sure it will be for the best….and if she ever decides she had enough of mom and dad we would love to have her back ;)

I did not expect this!  I was speechless and couldnt get my bearings together after the conversation. The power of a good word, especially out of the blue is amazing. Why dont we do that more often to each other?

So I made a mental note to try and acknowledge more often when I see something that I admire. I would love to disarm people with goodness and giddy feeling, if only for a minute.

Now talk to me, darn it! I am in a writing/shooting slump. At least cough in the darn corner, so I know you are there, doing whatever it is you do there. I am sure its something wonderful, as if you are reading this dusty blog, you must be a lovely open minded individual with creative streak and….oh, screw it…  I will start tomorrow.