A brush with the Oregon coast

A brush with the Oregon coast



“I see ducks!”, “Dod, you are supposed to find the elks”

I am starting to learn my Oregon lesson – never confuse a sunny blue sky to mean a good day. Instead, use terms like ‘what a lovely moment’ or ‘it is a beautiful midday’.

The other day, lured by the clear sky and the sun playing tricks on our minds, we decided to head to the coast and play on the wonderful Oregon dunes. Sure, we saw the elks while the golden glow was still playing the smoke and mirrors, but by the time we got to the ocean… only the sound of the ATVs humming in the distance was worse than the chill in the air and the gray in the sky.



Yay, explore the beach in full gear. No taking off my boots, no siree.



Bye-bye, cheating blue sky. Traitor!





Thankfully, once up the dunes, the kids were happy as champs.




One thing that is great about this crazy weather, the low lying clouds that played around the trees on our way back.

Charming. Especially from the warmth of our car whizzing by.




Central America, I long for you.