Celebratory burger in Anchorage

Celebratory burger in Anchorage




Frankly, if you are coming to Anchorage on some sort of a deal-breaker crazy-nut flying shenanigan just to say you have been to Alaska, ask a friend to slap you (hard) and then go waste your money on something else. The city is not worth the achy  airplane buttocks.


It is a great first stop to organize further adventures in the state and beyond.

We spent long hours on Craig”s list, insurance companies calls and websites to make ourselves accommodation and transportation independent.  Ordinarily, buying a car, tent, sleeping pads and bags in your bigger American city could take a day or two. Maybe three. But when you want to do it for very little money and not for the shittiest quality it sucks a bit of your sanity for a full week.

To mark the occasion of finishing up with the pricy, for us, purchases, I took Mr.Blab to a local burger joint with excellent reviews (Tommy’s Burger Stop).  The little meaty buns come at a price which would usually scare us, but we had left the three childers behind, muahahahahaha, and indulged with some chips (oups, Freeeench fries) and onion rings. Wonderful burgers and crispy fragrant fries in a kitschy, but fun setting.

I am thinking that any burger that leaves you white-nosed is worth the try.




The small print:  technically we are not finished yet. Part of our tent is still not with us and we are hoping to pick it up on our way back through Anchorage. And then we will have a vestibule with our fridge tent.