Feminist vs Peacocks

Feminist vs Peacocks



Half of the peacocks I have called as such are not. With this message I want to apologize to all female peafowls .

The collective term is peafowls.

The show off dudes are peacocks.

The caring and motherly females are peahens.

The babies are peachicks.

Get it?

Here is the juicy part.

The peacocks keep a harem of 2-5 peahens.

A bunch of peacocks is called a party.  (No doubt)

As you see, the humble peahen has a hard enough time without being completely ignored by us and called a dude.

You want to see whole bunch of them roaming freely, and very loudly, around? Go to Lokrum Island, just off Dubrovnik.


! Funnily enough I dont have any nice photographs of peahens, because they may be good mothers, but photogenic they are not. Sorry, sisters in plight, in exchange I will show a male butt.