Favorite Christmas present

Favorite Christmas present


Maybe a bit late, but I have been meaning to chat to you about this for awhile, so here it is.

This is my favorite present from Christmas. No, it was not for me, it was for Mr.Blab from the kids, but its still my favorite.

I bought 3 thick stretched canvases and painted two of them dark chocolate brown. Then we hid in the bathroom and the kids made prints and peace signs. Baby Blab didnt comply much, but we managed to get him to cooperate…with a bit of force ;). No, no babies were harmed in the making of this art.

Then Ms.Fab and I filled the prints a bit as they were not strong enough.


Love, love, love how they turned out.

I have no idea how much Mr.Blab liked them. Well, I guess he said he loved them and he put them up straight away, so I will take that as approval.

What was yours? If you remember from that far back?