Sunset on the banks of the Wisła

At the end of one of our most enjoyable rides so far, we reached Kazimierz Dolny – a wonderful way to mark the occasion. The town is tucked away from the main roads, with less than 8000 population and more popular with the local tourists than with folks like us.

The town is quiet, but with enough visitor amenities to make it comfortable. The houses in the small streets…those houses had to be masterfully picked from the dreams of people from all over. Huge cobblestones twist our ankles on the roads, reminding us of how long Kazimierz Dolny has been around. This also makes eating ice cream and walking a fun activity.

We have had 10 full days of catching up with friends from Australia. We soaked it all up, cried the tears of separation again and are now on our steady way North.

For now though, the mellow of this place and the sunset over the Wisła is exactly what we needed.