We did it! Burj Khalifa New Years Eve fireworks


It was a late decision, but we finally made our way to downtown Dubai and after a long walk found a spot that was close enough to the music and screens, yet, not too close to be breaking our necks in order to see the show.

The building was sparkling and changing lights until midnight, when it darkened for the last few seconds, until the countdown hit 0 and then…then…I almost forgot we were supposed to be cheering with our stand-in-for-champaigne chocolates to celebrate. White sparks started running through the sky-hugging building, rainbow explosions lit the length of it and all the while waves of fireworks kept on swaying around its base. There were love hearts, colors, big and small puffs, tiny sparkles, ribbons going up and down and the whole while everyone around us, including us, could not stop cheering and squealing in delight.

I am so glad we did not miss this. And we were so close. A suitable end to an outstanding year.

Welcome, 2012!