The Bund at night is like a fairytale in the middle of Shanghai

The Bund is an incredible sight during the day, but at night, for a few hours when all the lights are turned on (from about 7pm til 10pm) it is like a sparkling memory from centuries ago.

The story and architectural features of each building is read to us by Miss Fab, as we walk along the river and not before long, it feels like a stroll down a museum hall, only much better. (read about The Bund yourself)

Shanghai has a lot of glitz an glamor and this place is no exception.



I have never been or want to go to Disney, but I am guessing this is like a much more interesting version of it – real, full of history and yet, so much fun.

Across the river, the new Shanghai tries to keep up with a variety of dazzling skyscrapers and that tower, but to tell you the truth, it doesnt quite make it. It might as well be Hong Kong.

We came here for the old and it is the old that wins us.

An amazing spectacle, well worth seeing, just stay away from the big crowds right in the middle. The views are just as impressive slightly from the side and you will be able to breathe as well.