100 days of travel family questionnaire

100 days of travel family questionnaire

What follows is an impromptu interview with the folks in my family, which cooperated. All very professional and polished like – I was in my undies sitting on the couch, the kids were cutting up ‘paper city’ on the floor and Mr.Blab was fingering his..nah..he was playing with the iPad. The Dod was walking around putting daddy’s socks on and then on top of that his sandals – a great look having in mind that he had no pants again. I wrote the questions as I thought of them, so excuse the unruly set up.

In order of appearance:
L – Little B, the 6 year old
F – Miss Fab, the 10 year old
D – The Dod, the perpetually naked 2 year old
Mr – Mr.Blab, the dad

Lets commence:


Are you ready to go home?
L :   yes (later exclaimed ‘no’)
F:   no
D:  *goofy smile*
Mr: no

The worst thing about traveling?
L:   Jero’s house (our first place in the mountains of Bali)
F:   that your friends are not with you
Mr: logistics

The best thing about traveling?
L:   Seeing new temples (later added: seeing new vehicles)
F:   Seeing new things
Mr: moving around

Where would you like to go back to again?
L:   Bali, KL (she is completely in love with buffet breakfast in the hotel in KL)
F:   Singapore, Bangkok, Cherating
Mr: Cherating

Favorite food so far?
L:   samosas
F:   wonton noodles
D:   rice
Mr: (long pause…yawn…never answered)

Are your parents wonderful, amazing or perfect?
L:   I love you, wonderful
F:   Perfect
Mr: not applicable

If we had to travel on forever, that would be…
L:   I wouldnt like it, cause I want to see my friends
F:   hard, cause I would be homesick
Mr: a lot of work

If we never got to travel again, that would be…
L:   I wouldnt like it
F:   stinking
Mr: unfortunate

Sleeping with your sister on a one bed is..
L:   bad
F:   cramped in and she takes all the covers
Mr: not aplicable

Food you miss from home
L:   pasta, lamb and rice and dhal and rice
F:   lamb and rice, homemade pasta, croquembouche
B: tacos

Thing you miss from back home?
L:   stuffed up doggie
F:   Lego guys
Mr: ….do I miss anything…washing machine!

Are tables better high or low?
L:   on the floor
F:   low
Mr: low

Is your brother stinky, cute, huggable or all of the above?
L:   everything
F:   all of the above and he is a devil
Mr: huggable

7 Eleven is:
L:   nice
F:   cheap
Mr: necessary evil

Bus, car or train?
L:   train
F:   train
Mr: train

Noodles, rice or soup?
L:   rice
F:   noodles
Mr: … noodles

Sticky rice, peanut cakes or chendol?
L:   sticky rice
F:   sticky rice
Mr: chendol

Rose apples, salak or pomelo?
L:   salak
F:   rose apples (cold)
Mr: salak

Traveling is:
L:   great
F:   fun
Mr: freedom

Traveling with your family is:
F:   I dont know how traveling by yourself is
Mr: bloody hard work…the best way

Are you sick of your parents yet?
L:   no
F:   not yet.

Your mother is fantastic or the best?
L:   the best
G:   the best

Are you being unduly influenced in this questionnaire?
L:  what does that mean?
F:   we are not Einstein
Mr: yes

…Mr.Blab was knocked down to the floor by an invisible force and that marked the end of this interview.
How did we make it to 100 days, nobody will ever know.

Onto the next few hundred.