One minute in: Bali, Ubud


Welcome to my series “One minute” in which I give you a short burst of insight into a particular spot.

This is my first installment and the one that started me on this small side-project. It all happened something like this:

One of the kids had to go to the toilet again (dont even start me on this one), so Mr.Blab, the toilet guy, took the girls (oh, so it must have been one of the girls) into a restaurant we were passing by. And I waited with a sleeping Dod on my back. And waited. And looked around the little shops around. And waited. Then squatted on the street, because I was getting tired. And then I started snapping, just like that, out of boredom. Then I thought it might be fun to make a time-lapse series of shots. And then I did one in Singapore, and in KL. They were a bit better, but this is the original and only, so welcome to a minute in front of Monkey Forest in Ubud.