Voting – family style

Voting – family style

I love voting. I always have.

In  fact, I dont think I have missed any election from the time I could vote.

Its not that I think my vote is extra special for the elections, its that it is important to me. Even though my voice may be a tiny squeak in the symphony of politics (if that even), I prefer to make it instead of being silent. I will vote even if none of the parties are worthy of my vote – I will cast a protest vote, but I will cast one.

And today was time to cast. Since I am a very responsible blogger and follow all the rules of good blogging, all of them, I will of course not engage in any political discussions or disclose my own political stance. I will be a lovely fresh green Switzerland. Of course.

The excitement is full and in our family we dont walk with boredom on our faces to the polling booths, we run to them.

We wanted to walk the way there, in honor of our stance, but it was raining and Little B has a bit of a sore throat, so we settled for the car.

And then we were there, our oasis of electoral power.

For those that are not decided by this point or have trouble remembering names and such, there are helpful ‘informational’ materials.

I dont know who this guy was, but we loved his slogan.

Oh, Joe…

Welcoming committee of volunteers for the various parties, who give out How-To-Vote cards.

Voting in Australia can be a bit funny, so those cards are supposed to help voters in the process. You pick the one of the party you want to vote for and they let you know how to do it. So you dont mess it up ;)

Then we waited our turn in the school hall..

I got my wallet in a ready position to whip out my drivers license and prove vote worthiness.

Miss Fab was my stand-in voter and marked the papers for me. While Little B, did it for Mr.Blab, who were using the booth next to us. I love the carton polling booths. I wonder what they do with them afterwords.

The little one waited patiently.

Then its time for the all important casting.

And more casting.

And that is it.

That is all it takes.

Then it was time for celebrations

and exuberant behaviour

suitable for any proud voter.

People have fought for this right and women like me and the girls have not enjoyed it that long. Give or take 50-60 years. Scary when you think of it.

We certainly dont take it for granted.

We are passionate and hopeful these elections, despite the worst and most uninspiring campaigning ever.

Except one part of it. Funnily enough it was made for the Gruen Nation show (our favorite) and it was not an official communication for the party.

Not saying anything though.

We are Switzerland. Remember?

Respectable blogger who never engages in political discussions.