This and that

I am tired tonight, not that exhausted-wanna-collapse kind of tired, its more like a hazy, slightly woozy tired. I want to relax somewhere comfy around the house and just melt into it, melt, melt, melt…down into it…gone, all melted.

We have been welcoming random people in our house, absolute strangers, unknowns, foreigners, aliens – right in our house. We love it. The last few days we had a mom, her mom and two kids over, needless to say the children had a wonderful time. But they all left this afternoon and now its quiet around our house, and I want to melt into the furniture.


During the Commonwealth Games – which for those of you not in the know, are games in which only countries from the British Empire can attend, which means that we win all the medals and it should really be called The Australia Games – we spent a bunch of time watching Aussies kick some Commonwealth behinds. So, we are savoring some 10m diving, family time you see. We are cheering the Aussies, because Canadians just didnt want to give up and hand us the medals, which was highly inconsiderate. We decide to spook the other divers and say something just as they are jumping off the platform.¬† We quickly get something ready and as the divers toes lift off and we blurt something out, I cant remember exactly what, other than Little B’s enthusiastic contribution to the cause: I’m gonna poop in the pool ! Good try, my little one, but Canadians seem to not mind and win regardless of floaters. They are probably used to them, there in Canada, too cold to run to the loo, you see.


I made baklava. With pistachios. It was divine.



I am not quite sure how people find their way to this place, I dont advertise, promote, mingle, mangle, network or anything really. I am glad you do, but how, I am not really sure.

Some get here by searching and the terms that bring them here often amuse me. I thought you may get a kick of some of the latest searches  Рprovided in a picture format, because I dont want to encourage further traffic ;)

Then there is this person:

Wrong blog, definitely the wrong blog, Google.


Last reminder to everyone that wanted to have fun with me on the photo project. I can feel the excitement, the buzzing creative juices and your unstoppable enthusiasm – I am barely keeping my mailbox from exploding from all the submissions. Yep. Two days left and then I give up on waiting. I will take an F in Inspiration and self-lynch under cold water. If you feel pity on me or want to save the water (it is drought here), play with me, submit something.

I will share my creations on Sunday.


~ Waves lazily with droopy eyes ~