Future chef on board

The signs were there months and months ago, when the little child, sat on the floor with an onion and knife in hand and went for it – determined and concentrated to a level not normal for his tender age.

These days he is taking pots and pans out and lining them up on the benches, then running back to the kitchen and grabbing whisks, big wooden spoons and utensils I even have no clue I had or how to use, and then spends his time mixing and dry cooking. If only he would put the piles of stuff back. If only.

And then there is the budding chef that holds on to my leg to be picked up when I am cooking or chopping. That dude has a few times made me fight the urge to just – flick – release the knee and fly him into the next room.

At least he would be one of those rare men that actually is able to feed himself, not just pour stuff from boxes. And maybe a pilot ;)