A Sleep

A chilly kind of day, it was
my dear child
You, slightly off, a bit more cuddlier than usual
seeking a shoulder to lean on
arms to give into
found your way back to me.

I wrapped the cat blanket around us,
to keep the chill off you
your small feet dangling
dangling by my sides.

Few minutes pass,
not more.
I felt the weight of your head
it pressed slowly on my back.
Your breath
I could hear it, slow and rhythmical
in tune with the warm belly
pressed to me.

Its just a sleep,
but not really.
Its an experience in itself
your body, smelling of caramels
pressed to me,
helpless, loving, trusting.
Take your time, dream
or not, it doesnt matter.
I am here, loving it all.
In that moment,
You above all.