8 Days till Lift Off

Time has past so quickly, its hard to imagine I have only 8 days to go. I am starting to already feel quite nostalgic about the time I will spend away and have noticed the girls are getting even more hugs and kisses than usual. I will miss them desperately.

We had a test run of the video chat set up – I sat in the living room and they were in the office, giggling and running to and fro in amazement to the whole operation. I hope they keep that enthusiasm when I have been gone for a few weeks.

It has been raining today, bringing a certain amount of homeliness to the house. The blinds are all open and the views are just dazzling. I love those few minutes after a mild shower, when the sun seems to peek through the clouds, but ever so slightly, enough to make everything bright and colorful, without actually shining down. I dont know why it happens, but its breath taking.

Do you like it too?