Before, now and inbetween

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In 1 Year:

    • He has transformed from Dotty Dotty to DoddMan
    • Grown 3 times his original size
    • Learned to eat, sit, crawl, grab, pick up…
    • Popped 7 teeth without a second of fuss or complaint
    • Not slept even a night in a cot
    • Never tried formula
    • Has never been left to cry or refused a hug or comfort
    • Has used one packet of disposable nappies, most while on our trip
    • He has gone through two sniffle noses and two colds, one with fever
    • Has not had any medication, be it homeopathic, gripe water or “just a paracetamol”
    • Never slept through, but who cares
    • Never used soap or shampoo
    • Still hasnt taken solids to heart and loves to just explore them and eat small quantities..when in the right mood
    • Yes, still breastfeeds around the clock
    • Learned to kiss months ago and does it constantly
    • Flown across the country
    • Attended political rally
    • Eaten chili, garlic, dirt, sand and just about anything really
    • Still thinks I am the world and all that matters
    • We have never pressured him to be “independent” or had any power struggles
    • It has been pleasure to get to know him and
    • .. He has managed to make us fall in love with him without even trying
    • Oh, and I have taken 1,982,233 pictures of him, approximately

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