Phoenix Pretty Betty Blue


It was time. It was time long ago, way before the dashboard lost its gray lustre under a coat of  dust and the hand break got sticky and grubby from who knows what. The door on the driver’s side was stuffed with receipts from shopping stops and other miscelaneous papers of no use. The floor was haf way on its way to be transformed into a beach. And the back – the children’s domain – well that was long gone. Thankfully not any food, but there has been times when you could survive a month in the car if you happen to lock yourself in there. But its usually full of little ‘discoveries’ and ‘treasures’ the kids pick here and there. Think rocks, think dried flowers, think odd ball nuts and seeds of unknown origin, think stickers and drawings, think, well whatever you wish really, its probably there.

But its in the past now. Pretty Betty Blue is clean and fresh now. She was reborn and is ready for new adventures in the land of filth. I have no qualms that she will stay in her present condition. No. Not anymore. Life is much better if you dont have unrealistic expectations from it. Accept the things you cant change. Betty is not Martha and will never be.