Nam nams


Yes, the exploration into new tastes has began. No mash or purees here though, straight onto apples and real food we go. He likes to chew on a cucumber now and the other day he was gumming it through the side of his mouth, like a big chunk of steak. Too bad I was lazy to grab the camera.

They call it child led weaning now, but when I started it with my other kids, it just felt right. At this stage I am not after quantities of consumed food, rather its about exploration into this whole new world. Little lick here, small bite there and all under his own control, definitely no spoon proding unenthusiastic lips.

He has tried – cucumber, apple, pear, banana, broccoli, caramelised onion, garlic loaded tomato pasta sauce, mushroom soup, asparagus, carrot, beans and my all time, always favorite, amazing magical and oh, so convinient avocado. It deserves an odyssey or at last a short poem of some kind.
The list may look impressive, but all together I doubt we are past a few spoon fulls of solid food so far. And I am in no hurry. Its enough we have two girls chasing us around all day long with “I am huuuungry”, “What can I eat?”, “When is lunch/dinner?”, “I am starving”. Yes, two is enough.