Pictures clean up


I have a bit of a head cold, which gives me a good excuse for not having the inkling to write in here. My head is feeling stuffed and my eyes are burning. Not fun, but thankfully not really bad yet, just annoying and makes me blog unworthy ;)

I was flipping through the pictures I have prepared for here, though, and I stumbled upon that one. It is a few months old, maybe two or three. The Man had just started to eat his hands and we played a race. The right hand is chocolate and the left is vanilla. Little B and I were cheerring for chocolate and Ms.Fab and Daddy were going for vanilla. So here we are having dinner and Baby Blab exploring his new found toys, while we are going “Chocolate! Chocolate!….Oh, noooo…Go Chocolate….no! NO! NOOOO!…YEAH! Take chocolate! Thats my boy!”, while the other cheer squat were doing the opposite and we were laughing our heads off.  I think he thought we were nuts and that look meant – Can I go back where I came from?